Service ATM - ATM Diagnostic TOOL/disc


ATMDIAG independent NCR ATM diag software

ATMDIAG is a complete replacement for NCR ATM hardware diagnostics.
No NCR FE key (floppy or USB) is required.
No NCR Diagnostic Status Code book is required.
No additional software to install on ATM’s hard disk.
No matter what software your ATM runs.

As an experienced ATM service engineer, you’ll immediately recognize most of the ATMDIAG features.

Key Features

ATMDIAG is a standalone diagnostic software for NCR 56xx and Personas ATMs which boots from a Linux floppy disk. It is not installed on the ATM’s hard disk and it leaves no traces within the ATM.


ATMDIAG is not a mean to launch proprietary NCR hardware diagnostics! ATMDIAG is a separate and independent diagnostic software for NCR ATMs.


Supports all 53xx (EasyPoint), 56xx, 58xx (Personas), Personas-M ATM series.
Supports all most common devices of these NCR ATMs.
Support for NCR 66xx SelfServ ATMs coming soon…

User Interface

Convenient user menu structure.
Customary diagnostic results format (MSTATUS/MDATA).
Front and rear ATM interface (customer display/keyboard and EOP).
Touch screen support.

Diagnostic Functions

Per-device “in-deep” diagnostic tests.
Per-device and complete-ATM “one-touch” confidence tests.
S4i and APTRA error logs display.
S4i and APTRA device tallies display.

Unique Features

Full decode and clear text explanation of MSTATUS/MDATA bits and bytes.
Advanced EPP key entry and encryption tests.
EPP re-initialization function.
Detailed test reports can be printed or saved to floppy disk.
Flexible Licensing

Independent diagnostic tool for NCR ATMs
Supported Devices

The program supports all most common devices found in NCR’s 56xx, PersonaS and PersonaS-M ATMs. New devices are added on a regular basis.

ATM models

* 56xx.
* 58xx (Personas).
* Coming soon: 53xx (Easypoint).
* Coming soon: 66xx (SelfServ).

ATM PC Cores

* HI3 Core (ASB motherboard – 486SX/DX).
* LPX Core (ELSB motherboard – Am486).
* LPX Core (Diamond/Trent motherboards – Pentium-I).
* NLX Core (PELE motherboard – Pentium-I).
* NLX Core (Phantom motherboard – Pentium-II).
* NLX Core (PELE-II motherboard – Pentium-III).
* ATX Core (PIVAT motherboard – Pentium-IV).

SDC Devices

* Bunch Cash Dispenser (56xx / IE / Enhanced / P86 / NID).
* Customer Keyboard (BAPE / EKC / EKCSM / EPPB / EPPE).
* MCRW Card Reader (Tk2 / Tk123 / Tk123Write) + Smart Card + CROPF.
* DIP Card Reader
* Receipt and Journal Matrix Printers.
* Receipt and Journal Thermal Printers (Axiohm / TEC).
* Statement Thermal Printer.
* Envelope Depository (PPD / PPD-EDO).
* Envelope Dispenser.
* Basic and Extended Operator Panels (BOP / EOP).
* Miscellaneous Interface (Indicators / MEIs / Alarms).

RS-232 Devices

* IMCRW Card Reader (Tk2 / Tk123 / Tk123Write) + Smart Card + CROPF.
* DIP and Smart (DASH) Card Reader
* Bunch Note Acceptor (Glory UD-10 / 40 / 50).
* Receipt and Journal Thermal Printers (Axiohm / TEC).
* SSI Barcode Reader.
* ELO Touch Screen.

USB Devices

* Fujitsu GBNA / GBRU

Other Devices

* PC Miscellaneous Interface (5670/5870).
* Customer Screen.
* Mode Switch.

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IBM Diagnostic Test Program - PC-Doctor


(IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics - developed by Watergate Software for IBM)

The IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics are available on-line and can be downloaded from:

    *  Select Support
    *  Select IBM IntelliStation Support
    *  Select Downloadable Files
    *  Select Diagnostics

This IBM PC Enhanced Diagnostics (PC-Doctor) will run on all IBM PC 300/700, and IntelliStation computer systems.

Starting the Diagnostics Program
Navigating Through the Diagnostics Program

    *  Running Diagnostics Tests
    *  Test Selection
    *  Test Results

          o  Alert On LAN Test
          o  Asset ID Test
          o  Asset EEPROM Backup
          o  Hard file Smart Test
          o  IBM Fixed Disk Optimized Test
          o  Quick and Full Erase - Hard Drive
          o  Iomega Zip Drive Test

  Diagnostic Error (XXX-XXX-XXX) Codes

    *  Advanced Memory Diagnostics
    *  Viewing the Test Log

    *  SIMM/DIMM Memory Errors

  Known - PC Doctor - BUGs (Only if diagnostic version is 1.8.335 or below)

See > PC Doctor diagnostics skips/hangs testing with TAPE drive


The following FALSE error message may appear when running the IBM Enhanced Diagnostics  (PC-Doctor) Fixed Disk Controller


"Disk 0 Controller ......................
Controller data loopback failed, Wrote FFFFH, Read 00H."


- The system is a Netfinity 3500 (8644) or Intellistation (6898)
- The hard disk drive does not contain any data (ie. it is a new "blank" drive, it was just replaced, or it was just formatted)
- The diagnostic version is 1.8.335 or below

NOTE: The diagnostic version can be viewed by pressing on the main menu screen of the "IBM Diagnostics".

Do not replace any hardware as this is a false error message.

The false error message appears if the hard drive being tested does not contain any data or was just formatted.

The PC-Doctor HD Controller test reads the first sector on the drive (boot sector) and analyzes its contents to make sure that there are no stuck-high or stuck-low data lines.

If the hard drive has been partitioned, the first sector will contain boot and partition table data which can be read and allow the data lines to be tested.
The false error occurs on "blank" drives because the data appears to be set to all "zeros" and the loopback test fails.

Download a new IBM Enhanced Diagnostic Test version,
from URL address (and instructions) near top of this page.

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PC-Doctor for DOS - Desktops
Download Link  herel

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